End of School

Finally finished my last exam of university today! No need to stress and mug for exams in a long while. Yay! For an extra semester, this turned out even more pressed for time and stressful, compared to the expected laid-back life of a graduating student. First, as usual, a quick summary of modules.

CS3211 Parallel and Concurrent Programming: Good awareness course to a whole new world of programming parallel solutions. Programming assignments were enriching, being able to orchestrate many processes to work together. C programming is just a love-hate relationship. It is fun but debugging it is just torture. Lastly, it woke me up to the fact that  phones/laptops that boast multi-core processors is only there for marketing purpose since most programs don’t even use the extra cores available… Just praying hard for a good grade for this one.

CS3241 Intro to Computer Graphics: Having no artistic appreciation nor creativity, I only took it because it gives me free Wednesdays. Most of the cool stuff in games and animations are just too hard or too tedious. But at least got to learn something new and understand the workings of graphics rendering.

CS4225 Massive Data Processing Techniques: Probably my main aim here was just for the infrastructure, system, low level aspects of big data processing. Actual big data work involves domain-specific stuff like machine learning, which I am not really keen in. Somehow still managed to survive ok after some struggles.

CS5250 Advanced Operating Systems: One of the main reasons for not graduating earlier. Much more detailed and interesting than the introductory course, even scratching the surface of lower levels like X86 and assembly code, but still cannot stomach all the new and complicated stuff. Thankfully this time there is no final exam or I will have to R.I.P. Doing mallocs and memory copying in programming assignments were fun. The kernel/driver library headers even influenced me to spam function-like macros to make complicated code more understandable from software-engineering perspective. C-programming for the win.

LAJ3203 Business Japanese 1: Wanted to use this to improve my Japanese language further but end up preparing only enough to barely survive lessons and exams due to several CS assignments having close deadlines. Still not used to the very polite forms at all.

I guess I slacked too much in the first half when I the assignment deadlines still felt very far away. In the end is just coding, writing reports and drafts whenever the eyes are open. What a way to finish university life!

Now that everything is over, a bit at a loss as to what to do in this final break before working life starts. For one, I have no clear problem to try to apply what I have newly learnt and solve. At this rate, I will just be lazing at home all day… Hopefully this break won’t be boring.

On another note, today I was told that I didn’t finish my “FYP”. Well, ok I think I am quite fail as a person and in life…


Anisong Fantasy Live 2017

Went for Anisong Fantasy Live in Singapore just 2 days ago. The last time I went to such concerts was probably last year(can’t remember when was ASCOT)? Mainly went because of artistes that I know(Kalafina, Elisa) and also to find out what other nice songs there are from other artistes. Quite pricey just for discovery eh?

The show started with video clips of “TV-size” versions of songs from Claris lives. Sadly, I know none of the songs so I can’t comment at all…

Though I knew none of GARNiDELiA’s songs, they happened to be the kind of fast-paced ones that I liked(I have problems with song categorizations). Searching on Youtube only uncovered some of those that were performed during the concert(due to poor memory).

Next, Elisa brought in songs from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun and Kakumeiki Valvrave. Sadly, I only know of the latter. Time to watch more anime…

Alisa, like GARNiDELiA, is totally new to me. Didn’t know she sang for Nanatsu no Taizai, an anime which I gave up watching as I was impatient and went ahead o spoil myself through manga. So I don’t even know the songs for the show 😦 First impression was that of the girl-next-door artiste(in the sense of not too distant)? Anyways, the songs were good for me to go Youtubing around 🙂

The only song I know from Luna Haruna is Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau, which was not in the setlist. Her performance was just totally cute I think.

Perhaps the biggest impact on me in this concert was Aimer’s performance. Somehow, most songs trigger this kanashii feeling, especially Last Stardust, which during the live I could only recognize it as the background song for Shirou vs Archer in anime series Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. Totally loved that scene. Feels like her main genre is ballad or this style of music.

Kalafina seemed to be the main highlight of the live. So glad that I know most of the songs they performed that day 🙂 Was surprised how high-pitched their voice were, especially Keiko, who usually sings the low-pitched parts of the songs(correct me if I am wrong).



  • コネクト
  •  CLICK
  •  ルミナス
  • アネモネ
  • カラフル
  • Clever


  • ambiguous
  • Blazing
  • 約束-Promise code-
  • 極楽浄土


  • ex:tella
  • Real Force

Alisa Takigawa

  • Season
  • 色あせない瞳
  • さよならのゆくえ

Luna Haruna

  • Overfly
  • Startear
  • ???

Alisa Takigawa x Elisa

  • Departures(by EGOIST)

GARNiDELiA x Luna Haruna

  • Innocence(by Aoi Eir)

Alisa Takigawa x Elisa x GARNiDELiA x Luna Haruna

  • ???


  • Brave Shine
  • Last Stardust
  • StarRingChild
  • 茜さす
  • ninelie


  • Magia
  • One light
  • 君の銀の庭
  • Ring your bell
  • Sprinter

Aimer x Kalafina

  • Believe(by Kalafina)
  • あなたに出会わなければ(by Aimer)

Without the special collabo, each artiste’s show actually felt super short, with only 3 to 4 songs on average. On the whole, I had a good takeaway from this concert. Until the next time I go for another concert. Btw, if you want to help me correct the setlist, feel free to put it in comments. Thanks.

Post Japan Trip Thoughts

It’s been 3 days since coming back from Japan. It wasn’t all perfect but it was definitely nice.

For the most part, it was sightseeing, exploring the nearby streets and places in the way, and shopping. The main highlights were meetups with the Japanese people I got to know through crashing the daytime activities of homestays and also going for Comic Market. It was nice catching up with them since it’s been quite a while since I saw them but hopefully next time there will be more time for other activities.

Also, it was nice soaking myself in the festive season of the New Year. Maybe it’s because I went closer to afternoon but I didn’t have to queue very long for hatsumode at Meiji Shrine, which was said to be very crowded.

Communication with the locals was much better than 3 years ago now that I have taken some Japanese lessons n school, though there is still a big room for improvement in terms of listening skill and vocabulary pool.

The things that were lacking in this trip were snow and a visit to Shirakawa-go(the bus was fully booked).

Even though I went with my parents(they tagged along as they didn’t trust that I could survive alone and in the cold winter season), I felt I didn’t treat them very well. Mainly because we have not much in common anymore(not that I have much in common with most people anyway), and also our conflicting ways of scheduling when it comes to catching flights and trains. Turns out my way would have risked missing flights as the whole procedure took longer than in Singapore due to more walking distance and slower security check queues. It is hard to break the relationship with them ast the neutral zone but I’ll see what happens.

There are still quite a number of things I want to do, like going for Nana’s concert on my own(includes the seemingly hard-for-gaijins process of buying tickets), which are more convenient if I were staying in Japan. I look forward to be able to stay there for work, even if it’s only for a few years.








2nd last end-of-semester post

Again, way too long since anything was posted so this place is presumably dead. Too lazy and also I don’t want to write stuff that are too personal that it invites criticism of me as a person. Nevertheless, another end-of-semester post/rant again. Should have been the last but I chose not to graduate early so it ended up being 2nd last. If I’m too lazy to write the last then this will be the last >.*

I’ll start with modules and why I took them.

CS3219 (software engineering module): I need this to clear my specialization. I didn’t like that there is no absolute correct answer to what principles and stuff to apply for any situation. Plus, good design may sometimes conflict with my preferred goal of squeezing every ounce of performance.

CS4224 Distributed Databases: Clear database specialization. Seems useful to know how database systems work in distributed environment. Project was tough but at least theories could be applied as considerations when designing and using the databases.

CS4234 Optimization Algorithms: Should have been a piece of cake but turns out it wasn’t. Only thing I am proud of is slavaging some marks in finals through pure luck.

MA2214 Combinatorics and Graphs: Clear math and science requirement. Supposed to be easy with CS1231 knowledge but lecturer likes to set questions that need (critical, higher order, whatever you name it) thinking.

LAJ2203 Japanese IV: Breadth module. Nearly failed my placement test to get into this module since Japanese III is not an option due to timetable issues. Interesting with opportunities to interact with Japanese students.

With these, I qualify for graduation but I still have a few interesting modules I want to take so I ended up dragging into a normal 4-year.

Not much time to dabble with my favourite task of server setup and provisioning since projects are mainly focussed on application layer and such setups are implicitly required to figure out by oneself to get environment working. Super low incentive to do it well given time constraints. Towards end of semester, was choking on 3 parallel projects. Not motivated to do revision during reading week and ended up binge watching Gintama. Exams of course became hard.

Took part in buddy programme with Japanese exchange student and went on a few outings with them. It was nice interacting with them even though I still struggled with Japanese when trying to say what I want to say.

Also went for career fair for working in Japan. Totally flopped and there goes my dream of living in Japan. Both companies I interned with gave me job offers though. Spent a long and antagonizing time making hard decision on which offer to accept. Since the companies are Japanese ones, there is still hope of going to Japan for a few years 🙂

Hoping my upcoming Japan trip would be fun. Was planning to chill by myself or with a friend but now that my parents are tagging along, it becomes stressful 😦 Still, I look forward to meeting Japanese friends there.