Lesson Learnt

Things haven’t been going very well for me the past few days. Haven’t been earning much commission these days and I got into a distress because of it. Got some enlightenment from a fellow colleague yesterday and after some thought, I felt that this isn’t something which I should make myself unhappy about. After all, it’s not MY business. I should be minding my own business(or at least trying to get one started up) if I want to embark on my journey to financial freedom. I’ll have to always bear in mind: what is it that I really want(or want to achieve)? Here’s a quote which I got from Gundam Seed Destiny 連合 vs ZAFT 2Plus trailer. “想い出せ、シン!お前は本当は、何が欲しがつたんだ?”(Athrun Zala). I tried my best to let go of all these today. Though my earnings for the day didn’t improve, it didn’t feel as bad when the commission isn’t so important to me. Right now, my main concern should be to think of ideas to create sources of passive income, or maybe start an enterprise of my own. Not being enterprising nor creative, it’s definitely a very difficult path. However, it is a path which  I must take.


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