Training Commences

Left work early today for IPT training today. VERY long never sweat it out like this already. Did interval running for 6 rounds, each round within 2 minutes and then rest 2 minutes. Quite surprised I still can make it in 2 minutes each round, since by the last round I felt like dying already but still chiong la(only 1 round each set nia). After that, core training(my core muscles cramp up after 1 set only). Siao, so long never train also. Another surprising thing I found out was that not everyone gets called to clear IPPT in the 1st few years after ORD. SO I don’t know if I’m part of the majority or one of the unfortunate minority. Guess the world/fate hasn’t been nice to me… Though tomorrow’s my off day, I still got important things to settle and it will take up the whole day. Why you no give me any rest!? *Bangs head against the wall* Ok, shall stop crapping here. Back to planning my Japan trip, or else no hope of going Japan to try grab hold of Nana’s live ticket on-site… お休みなさい。


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Singaporean Software Developer Nana Mizuki fan
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