Everything Must Wait

Today was such a busy day: full of waitings. Started off early(very reluctant to wake up) with medical check-up @ NUS. Need to wait for this test and that. The most horrible wait was to wait to let doctor do some last checks. I wasn’t one of the last to enter the queue but somehow, those who came in later than me got dispatched before me and I became one of the last few who got attended to… The wait took about more than an hour! After that, lunch @ science canteen wasn’t that good an experience when someone accidentally splashed soup onto me(lucky only one hand kenna). Had to wait till I buy my food and get back to my seat before I get access to tissue paper. The good thing: cheap lunch. Thankfully, the waiting @ ICA was somewhat bearable. The day ended with a family dinner as it is my dad’s birthday today. All in all, wasted so much time waiting today, though it’s a necessary thing to do.


About zixian1992

Singaporean Software Developer Nana Mizuki fan
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