Disturbing News

Came across this news today: N.Korea has issued notice for foreign missions in the country to evacuate as it prepares itself for missile launch. It has already transported a few of them to the east coast(standby mode? -.-). Since all along I’ve not been keeping myself updated with current affairs, I have really no idea if this is just an empty threat or the REAL thing. Of course, we all hope nothing will happen, but who knows? If they ever launch an attack, it might just spark a nuclear world war. As ordinary civilians, what we can do now is to keep ourselves updated with the events and stay prepared for the day when shit really happens… On a side note, it’s a pleasant surprise to see significant increase in this site’s viewership after a long day at work. Very thankful for your support. Arigatou, minna!


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Singaporean Software Developer Nana Mizuki fan
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