Minor Misfortunes

HI, just in case you haven’t noticed, this site will be kisekitech.wordpress.com from now on. In the process of changing the address, I realised that I have permanently deleted zixian1992.wordpress.com. This means I can use that address for any of my subsequent websites/blogs anymore(Aww… *sobs*). Anyway, what’s done cannot be undone. So I’ll hope for the best with this new name. Some random stuff: today, that grumpy customer which I mentioned in a previous post came back again(*Arghh!!!*). I went to ask if he was looking for anything before I found him to be familiar. Zzz… Well, ever since that incident, this guy has become my “nightmare”. Ironically, I recall him saying the other time that he would never want to step into our shop again. So much weird stuff happening lately…


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