Minor Misfortunes

HI, just in case you haven’t noticed, this site will be kisekitech.wordpress.com from now on. In the process of changing the address, I realised that I have permanently deleted zixian1992.wordpress.com. This means I can use that address for any of my subsequent websites/blogs anymore(Aww… *sobs*). Anyway, what’s done cannot be undone. So I’ll hope for the best with this new name. Some random stuff: today, that grumpy customer which I mentioned in a previous post came back again(*Arghh!!!*). I went to ask if he was looking for anything before I found him to be familiar. Zzz… Well, ever since that incident, this guy has become my “nightmare”. Ironically, I recall him saying the other time that he would never want to step into our shop again. So much weird stuff happening lately…


About zixian1992

Singaporean Software Developer Nana Mizuki fan
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