Training Intensified + Randomness

Was supposed to post this yesterday, but I decided to sleep earlier and leave it till today. Yesterday’s IPT interval training intensity increased. Wow, so hard to maintain the pace used in 1 round/set in the 2nd round, especially when there’s chest pain trying to make me stop in the 2nd round. Thankfully, still can finish 2 rounds within 4 minutes for 3 sets 🙂 Something random to add on: when a landrover drove past me on my way home, suddenly get the pedal control feel back(half-clutch and so on). Plus, I did miss those days when I was driving on the road(not that I miss Army days). Wished I can get back on the road soon. The next thing that came to me was: how can I afford even a 2nd hand car? Guess I’m still far from being financially capable of owning such liability.


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Singaporean Software Developer Nana Mizuki fan
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