Missed Opportunities

These few days, it has always been “It could have been this”. The actual outcome seems to be always a thin line away from what could have been the outcome. First of all, I was only 3 seconds away from scoring my 2nd $100 for IPPT in my 2.4km run! Argh, so close. Secondly, I wen to Singtel shop, only to find out that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is not in stock at the moment and I can’t order online anymore as there are too many people who preordered and still waiting to get their hands on it. Damn. Should have ordered it online earlier. Third, since I’m planning to go Japan for holiday, there’s a burning question in my mind: can I survive/get around in Japan without any knowledge in Japanese language? Encountered a few Japanese customers these 2 days but yet I did not have the courage to ask them what I wanted to ask. Wasted chance. Last, but not least, went too fast in going home after work, so missed the chance to get on the same train as the girl who works outside the shop I was working at today(it’s past midnight, but still…). I know it sounds very stupid, Ok enough for today. Guess this month just isn’t my month 😦


About zixian1992

Singaporean Software Developer Nana Mizuki fan
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