Thoughts on Live Grace OPUS 2

Finished watching Live Grace Opus 2 on BD player. おめでとう。To sum up my thoughts on it in a word: 凄い!!! The kick-off with 残光のガイア made the whole atmosphere lively. The orchestra played “Happy Birthday” for Nana. So sweet! I shall not comment on the MC parts(cuz I can’t understand verbal Japanese. Wah! *cries* T.T) I’ll keep this as short as possible. So, the songs that really got me are: ジュリエット, 理想論, Lovely Fruit, 星屑シンフォニー, アヴァロンの王冠, Pray, 恋の抑止力, Innocent Starter and Eternal Blaze. A special mention to the encore part. Nana sang 夢の続きwhile playing the harp! It’s the first time she played such instrument. Can tell she’s struggling but definitely trying her best, can tell from the slower than usual tempo of the song. Think she’s so stressed out inside, lols. Right after the 2nd chorus, there was an abrupt stop: I think she forgot the note already. So touching to see the audience cheering her on and then she took up the courage to pick up where she left off, finishing the song. Oh well, no one’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, but true winners stand up once again and never give up. I know this part teaches a very old lesson that we all know already, but we all tend to forget. So never give up in whatever we do. 未来へ前進行きます。頑張って!


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