New Intel Processor

Came across this when reading some tech news online today: Intel’s new 4th Generation i3, i5 and i7 processors, a.k.a Haswell architecture, have made their debut! Not sure if they are out on sale though. Getting it will mean that the motherboard needs to be replaced since it is LGA 1150 socket while current 3rd generation processors use LGA 1155 sockets. *Aww* The main improvements over its predecessors are efficiency and graphics performance. Seriously, IMO, processor graphics ain’t the most important since most of us desktop users will still be using graphic cards, whose GPU are dedicated to nothing but graphics. Looking at core speeds, the Haswell isn’t much of an improvement over its predecessors. *Sighs* Speaking of which, I am wondering when the 1st batch of laptops equipped with the new Haswell processors will roll out into the market. Hoping to get one with core speed that is close to 3.0GHz for school use. On a side note, tomorrow’s my 3rd(probably the last) scholarship interview. Somehow, I keep feeling that I didn’t prepare enough for it(what kind of questions can I prepare for?) since for the past 2 attempts, almost none of the things I prepared for came out 😦 Really hope to get the scholarship to reduce some of my family’s financial burden. All I can do now is to hope for the best tomorrow.


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