Long Break(part 2 of 3)

Came from NUSJSS camp today. It’s quite slow-paced and more relaxed, so no pressure. This short 4 days 3 nights camp is kind of like a break from the stress that I face when at home(I’m still stressed out over final-planning phase for Japan holiday trip and university-related stuff. Oh no…) Through this camp, I got to experience what Secret Partner, SP(the game that many university camps like to play), is about for the 1st time. My partner’s a nice person, making the experience memorable, although the process seems a bit stressful with people disturbing you with this and that, haha. Oh well, glad to make some new friends, though I’m not the VERY sociable type of person, lols. Another takeaway is that I got to know a bit more about Japan and some of its more popular stuff. All right, time to repay the sleep debt incurred during the camp. Nights, minna-san 🙂


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