Once-in-a-while-Not-Camping-at-Home Day

Went out to collect $$ for the Nana Mizuki Nendroid today. It’s to help the person buy since I will be going to the Live Circus 2013 concert in Osaka. After that, I felt like I needed a break from the route-planning for the Japan trip(the trip is around the corner and I’m pressed for time, but still…). So I decided to go for an exploration trip @ JEM, since I have never been there before ever since it’s opening a few weeks back. It’s got mainly a lot of ATAS fashion brands, as well as a shop selling ATAS earphones/headphones(didn’t really see the specs, so dunno how good the sound quality is), but what I like about this shopping mall is that it’s got quite a number of Japanese brands selling some Japanese goods and food, as well as Japanese restaurants. Got quite a lot of shops to buy clothes from next time(I’m the lazybum who has never bought my own clothes before, LOL), since I don’t have a good variety of them even for casual wear… Bought Lao Ban Dao Huay for dessert before heading home for dinner. Ok, will take picture of it tonight when I eat, so stay tuned 🙂

Random stuff: saw a squashed lizard on the road on my way home, but a bit lazy to take out camera from my bag to take a shot of it. Apologies 😦


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