Japan Day 5: Osaka

Left Matsumoto for Osaka today. I must say, I can’t bear to leave this nice, peaceful and quiet city. We had to take a 2 hours long train before transferring to a Shinkansen for an hour before arriving at ShinOsaka. From here, we had to take local trains before reaching our next accommodation.

First things first, since my primary target for coming to Osaka is that Nana Mizuki Live Circus 2013 concert, there is every good reason to do a recce trip to the concert site: Osaka-jo Hall. It’s just near the hotel which we are staying. Before I forget, when we first arrived in Osaka, my first impression is that it is not going to be easy navigating through, let alone survivng, in Osaka. Taking the wrong exit at train stations will mean a big detour to your destination, which is unlike Matsumoto(straight-forward). Well, of course, throughout the course of today, I lost track of our position and direction on the map whenever we alighted from the train several times and ended up taking detours, which wasted a lot of our precious time… Ok, so I think we got lost on the way to Osaka-jo Hall, and there was this old man who kindly offered to bring us there. There was nothing much to see there in the afternoon. So we went on to visit Osaka Castle.

Osaka Castle has an impressive view from the outside. However, since it was rebuilt using concrete after it was burnt down many years ago and is converted into a museum-like place, it kind of disappointed me as I was expecting something similar to Matsumoto Castle. What you will see there are displays of important documents and artifacts related to the castle’s history(most of them related to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the one who ordered the castle’s building). If you are expecting more, you might not want to pay to enter the castle’s main building. However, be sure to visit it as it is rebuilt to look like the original one in the past and is really worth taking a look at from the outside.

On the way back to our next destination, we went back to Osaka-jo Hall for my recce trip. As it was in the evening and the concert hall was just open around this time, there were a lot of people flowing in from the train stations. Today’s concert is by Matsuda Seiko. Well, I can’t wait for 14th July to come, especially for the time when I can actually start buying tickets for Nana’s live concert on the site itself. Really hope to be able to get that ticket…

For dinner, we decided to go to Dotombori, very famous place in Osaka. This is where night-life in Osaka happens. There are a lot of shops selling food. It took us an hour to find this place as we went the longer way during the transit between trains, and also, the exit to Dotombori was not easy to find too. Some stations are just so big that it is hard to find the platform of the train or the exit to your destination(hope it won’t take long to find the correct trains in the subsequent days). The takoyaki there was nice. Unfortunately, we did not have the luxury of time to enjoy all the good streetside snacks as it was late when we arrived. Another sad thing is that I could not find the Glico running man picture shown in travel guides 😦 Well, good things aside, the night streets in Osaka made me feel that it is not very safe at night. It’s just my personal opinion(as to why, you can ask personally). Well, there’s a lot more days’ worth of travelling to prepare for still, so here’s some final pictures for today…


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2 Responses to Japan Day 5: Osaka

  1. DarkHoliness says:

    Good luck on that ticket~!

    • zixian1992 says:

      Thank you. I checked the Osaka-jo Hall website and it doesn’t say anything about on-site ticket. Also, the receptionist at the hotel said there’s no on-site ticket after she checked the Internet. Lastly, the ticket I got has the name of the fan club member on it, so I hope they really don’t do any identity checks. Right now, everything is against my favour in terms of attending the concert 😦

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