Japan Day 7: Himeji + Osaka-jo Hall

Today didn’t really have any itinerary. The same will go for tomorrow. There was quite a big time management mistake I committed… Shouldn’t have gone to Himeji Castle today, although it is a very good tourist attraction. Today and tomorrow are big days, the main highlight of this trip: Nana Mizuki’s Live Circus concert @ Osaka-jo Hall!!! Banzai!

Anyway, back to Himeji Castle, it’s main building is under some re-construction works, though it was never destroyed throughout its entire history. Thus, there’s a bit less to see. As we were in a rush in the morning, we didn’t really take a good look or appreciation there. Also, the queue at the Egret’s Eye vie of the main building was so long(half an hour) that we had to give that up. Nevertheless, we went into the Nishi-no-maru building to take a look before taking our leave. It’s still nice to go and have a look there, but I feel that the best time to go will be after the reconstruction is complete in 2015, and also during springtime. The only regret was not being able to take a proper look/tour through this castle…

When we finally rushed back to Osaka-jo Hall, there was already a very long queue for the concert goods. Damn, should have gone there and queue very early, like 7 or 8AM? Queuing up was quite an ordeal: prolonged standing for multiple hours, under the hot sun followed by rain(really put you through the elements of weather LOL). Can’t be helped since it is summer and it’s the rainy part of the season. Still, managed to get most of the goods I wanted, though a number of the good ones were already sold out when it was finally my turn 😦 Compared with parades, I’d rather suffer in this queue instead(started queuing at 1+ and got my stuff at 6+) because it’s Nana-chan. Another sad thing was, I didn’t realise they did sell concert tickets on-site from 4PM onwards but I was queuing and had no mobile data access. So I kind of let such a great opportunity slip by(totally heart-broken when I saw this news online just now). Ok, so tomorrow I’ll go early to start queuing up so that I can round up the remaining stuff which I could not get today. Most importantly, the ticket I bought online better get me in(I heard they check for the buyer’s fan club ID for fan club tickets but from what I see most of them didn’t get checked). If this trip were a mission, then this concert is the main objective of the mission and I can’t afford to fail this one. Else, everything will seem to be in vain. Hoping for the best for tomorrow…


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