Japan Day 9: Nana Mizuki Live Circus 2013

It’s here! The long-awaited day has finally arrived. It’s Nana day: Live Circus Trick 3 @ Osaka-jo Hall! We went out as early as we could to secure the remaining goods that I couldn’t obtain yesterday. But, little did I know the locals were even more kan chiong. By the time we reached Osaka-jo Hall, there was a long queue for the goods already. Managed to get a yellow version of the T-shirt sold exclusively at Ehime Budokan(this one is exclusive today @ Osaka-jo Hall today. Other place may get different exclusive stuff). Well, my main goal for today is to get a ticket from the site itself, as I did not want to risk getting kicked out due to resale ticket(argh, spent so much $$ for it already!!!). I asked around a few times before finally getting an updated answer that it will start 1 hour before the gate opens. However, I was still worried as I can’t book through phone there and was not sure if I can buy without booking through phone. Thankfully, things eventually turned out in my favour after MUCH waiting. Well, so I managed to get in to the concert itself. Yay! XD

The standing portion is really squeezy. A lot of people bought the standing tickets. No choice, better than nothing. At least can see Nana-chan in person(though she was so small due to distance and I think my eyesight failing me liao so quite unclear also). Great to see that she didn’t disappoint: still as kawaii and pretty as ever! Also, her singing was great. The sad thing was that I couldn’t understand what she was saying during the MCs as I could not understand Japanese language(especially through aural means), so I can’t say anything about any important thigns she said. Thankfully there weren’t a lot of songs that I never heard before. However, I can’t exactly remember ALL the songs she sang today, nor the sequence. Thus, I’ll list out as best as I can. If you were at the concert itself too, please comment on which I got wrong. Many thanks in advance. Will try to look out for the full setlist for today’s one and update it here. Saw the full setlist from a Japanese fan’s blog. So here goes(in chronological order)…


  • Gimmick Game
  • Lovely Fruit
  • Miracle Flight
  • You Have A Dream
  • Fearless Hero
  • Get My Drift?
  • Unbreakable
  • Karen Moyou
  • Star Road
  • Happy-Go-Round
  • Pop Master
  • Naked Feels
  • Trickster
  • Crescent Child
  • Naked Soldier
  • Preserved Roses
    I.M.O. this is the highlight of the concert. We were all singing the T.M. Revolution part so loudly and everyone was so high, including me. Of course, this is my favourite song! So excited when I heard the starting music. After this one, she sang quite a lot of songs in the same costume.
  • Vitalization(after the MC following Preserved Roses. She was saying something about Symphogear G before that)
  • Eternal Blaze(her signature song. She never fails to sing this one for quite a few consecutive concerts already…)
  • Linkage
  • Yakusoku(the ending of the main part)
    During the MC, she said something like, time is running out, hinting that the concert was gonna be over. And then she said something about what promise to us audience, and hence she sang this one.

Encore(in sequence)

  • Synchrogazer(Whoo~~!)It was a long wait before she finally came out. It took my by surprise when Synchrogazer’s starting melody was played.
  • Power Gate
  • Love Brick

Sadly, there was no Double Encore, which happened during the concert in Ehime Budokan 😦 Doushite? There were people calling out for another round after the ending roll, but the announcement came, saying that we had reached the end of the concert. *Sobs* It was an unforgettable experience and now I fear I will forget how things were like in the concert hall today: how Nana sang, as well as how she looked on the screen. For the concert, I don’t have any pictures of the concert itself(cameras are not allowed in there). So here’s a little something at the end of the concert.

Have a happy Nana-day!


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2 Responses to Japan Day 9: Nana Mizuki Live Circus 2013

  1. Shaun Chew aka Constella-shaun says:

    SYNCHROGAZER!!!!!!! Oh and btw the reason why she said something about Symphogear G beforw Vitalization is cos its the theme song

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