Japan Day 10: Fukui

So, the concert is finally over. Much as I wish for time to stop at during the concert itself, my stay/business in Osaka is over. We left Osaka for Fukui. It was like leaving a bustling city for a much quieter downtown. Here, a lot of shops open very few hours or even days. Also, harder to find food for meals. For a start, we went to the remains of Fukui Castle. Here, nothing was left, less the stone walls. No main tower at all. After this short visit, we went to Yokokan, another of the attraction in Fukui(not an attraction on national level). There was a couple taking bridal shots in a villa there. Walking in such parks offer a refreshing experience from the hot sun in the city. The Japanese-style villa there looks really nice. Makes me want to stay in such a ryokan next time(ryokans providing this kind of room/house are not cheap).

As my parents started falling ill, I had to go for the rest of today’s itinerary all alone with a map and some information I got from the tourist information counter. It seemed scary at times as I have the tendency to lose track of my position on the map, and thus high chance to get lost… If this happens tomorrow, I dunno if I can survive the trip to Asakura Clan ruins and Eiheji Temple alone. For a start, I visited the Kitanosho Castle remains. The lord of the castle burnt down the castle, killing himself in it when he lost an important battle. There was a shrine right next to the remains, enshrining this castle lord. This was followed by a trip to Asuwayama park. Well, there wasn’t anything special about Asuwayama park. Not many people go there too. I’d recommend going there during the hanami season: there’s a whole row of sakura along the Asuwa river. Thankfully I didn’t get lost in this place.

In the evening, (well, I kinda regretted going) we tried going to Harmony Hall Fukui. Reason being, I saw from online that this was where Nana-chan did the MV for Shin-Ai, so wanted to go take a look. As the sun was setting, and there were lots of bugs in the nearby farm area on the way, and the return train was hard to catch, I did not really reach and take a good look at the place. Not recommended for anyone with no business in this rural part of Fukui. Anyway, here’s some pictures of it to wrap up the day. 3 more full days in Japan to enjoy(last day is an entire day’s flight back home).


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