Japan Day 11: Fukui(a.k.a Post-Live Circus Day 2)

Due to unforeseen circumstances, today was a comparatively chill day(Fukui in my opinion is a slow-paced countryside), despite the weather being hot as usual. While not chaotic, it has little to offer as the attractions are quite some distance away. Visited the Asakura Clan Historic Ruins in the morning. Despite it being an attraction in Fukui, there was almost NOBODY going at all(maybe because it’s a weekday?)!! Other than decent view of the surrounding mountains, there was not much to see: only things like olden days houses in the restored townscape. The castle grounds itself was barren as it was burnt down when Asakura Yoshikage was defeated by Nobunaga Oda. It’s pretty ulu, so if you miss a bus, you got to wait a good few hours for the next one. Not really worth the trip if you’ve got many other places to see in the day, despite it having a little plus points.

Afternoon’s item was considerably better: Tojinbo. It’s a really popular spot in Fukui(though not a lot, but good enough already, given the population number you see in Fukui). The sea breeze is nice, especially on a hot summer day, and the cliffs offer a great sea view. With up to half a day’s worth of time early in the morning, it would make an excellent site to walk around, nua and enjoy the sea breeze. Only spent about 40minutes(including walking to and from the bus stop), as we needed more rest(insufficient sleep @.@) and we thought we shouldn’t waste any more time waiting long hours for transport. Bus comes like once an hour, so plan your time well in advance. It’s hard to chiong so many places in a day when you are in Fukui because transport frequency is low. You will be spending lots of time waiting if you finish an itinerary too fast and there’s nothing to see after dark.

With only 2 real days left, I’m already starting to miss the times in this country. Kinda like recalling the days when we just arrived, and especially THAT CONCERT. Hope to be back here for another of Nana-chan’s concert(though it’s very hard to secure ticket and concert goods at once if you got no friends to accompany you, since 1 person can’t be in 2 queues simultaneously… Ok, getting long-winded here. Better catch some sleep. Oyasumi~


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