Japan Day 12: Kanazawa

Didn’t go to many places today as I fell sick… Only went to Kenrokuen, Kanazawa Castle, and Nagamachi district. Kenrokuen is one of the most well-known gardens in Japan. However, when I went there, the pond was under renovation, and since I was sick, I didn’t really get to really appreciate the walk in the garden. Summer really don’t seem like a good season to go to many places, as the heat and rain combo can hinder your plans or even worse, hit you with flu if you aren’t careful. I think it will definitely be great if it was spring, autumn or winter.

Kanazawa Castle looks decent from the outside, but as most of the castle buildings in there are under reconstruction, there wasn’t much to see. The storehouse and turrets also do not offer much, I think it’s not really worth the entrance fee(for storehouse and turrets in Ninomaru) unless you are interested in construction architecture(they got really interesting way of securing their wooden pillars to make the structure quake-proof).

Although Nagamachi has a good samurai days atmosphere(the houses were reconstructed to represent those back in the samurai days), there was very little to see unless you are really into samurai stuff. Even so, maybe you should try somewhere else. Maybe I should have tried Higashi-chaya district or Nishi-chaya district. From what I heard, you got to book an appointment in advance if you wanna see a geisha in these districts(I overheard this convo between a European and the person at the the tourist information counter). Anyways, by the time we were done with Nagamachi, it started to rain, so had to return early(really early). With only less than 1 full day of touring left(the train trips really take up a good portion of your day away), there’s not much time to waste already. Hope to get well tomorrow so I can take a GOOD final look at this country before returning to reality: SCHOOL.


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