Japan Day 13: Back & Back to Tokyo

Much of today was spent on train trips back to Tokyo. By the time we reached our ryokan, there was only a few hours till sunset. So we went for only 1 place: Diver City Shopping Mall in Odaiba. Not that I’m a shopper, it’s because of the 1:1 scale Gundam model right smack in the front of the mall itself. Lots of other tourists, as well as Japanese, were there taking pictures of/with the Gundam. Finally got to see the life-sized Gundam personally. On a side note, the breeze on the nearby bridge was refreshing. That more or less wraps up the entire chapter of this trip(tomorrow is just the flight back to SG).

These 2 weeks seemed quite long and slow on the 1st few days, but actually they went by quite fast. Day by day went past, and before I realised it, the next day was Day 1 of the concert in Osaka. I was like”Oops, haven’t really prepped myself for the queuing”. Nana’s concert was really an eye-opener. Also, I learnt that fans really start queuing for the concert goods freaking early. Except a few unfortunate souls like myself, most of them already got their tickets through the official web portal, so they only need to worry about getting the goods as their entry was secured. Well, one can never get enough of her concert anyways. Well, back to topic. Really learnt quite a good deal of stuff, like taking trains, buying tickets and such. Although English is the international language, don’t expect it to work well in Japan. If you try asking any local off the street for any help in English, they probably won’t even know what the heck you are talking about. Better to learn some elementary/fundamental Japanese first. As for specific terms, just download Japanese dictionary app(I used my iPod whenever I needed to find out how to say something in Japanese. Also, if the person can talk in English, don’t act smart and talk Japanese unless you took formal lessons or are super zai at the language. I did that and they replied in Japanese, most of which I don’t understand or can’t catch, but thankfully most of the time I still got the main points. Wonder how long will it be before I return to this country again. If I get the chance, I’ll like to visit Ehime(Nana-chan’s hometown!!!) and Hokkaido, but not during summer again(the weather changes pretty fast: sun-rain-sun-rain can get you sick fast).


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