Another Typical Day at Home :D

After so many hectic days of having to go out for consecutive days, finally got to stay at home almost all day to do my own things. Tried to install a Linux system, Ubuntu, onto my computer but it ended up in epic fail. The older version still can’t let me connect to Internet via LAN(not sure is don’t have LAN driver or DHCP/static IP problem), while the newer version probably don’t support my graphics card(GT620 only!!!) and thus give me black screen. Wasted my entire morning on it. Waaa~~~

In the afternoon, did a programming question that I did not have the time to clear it(solve mentally plus code) during the programming workshop a few days ago. Once you know how to solve it step by step by hand working, the rest is easy… Took a short break to go out and pass a friend the concert goods which he requested my help to get. Oh well, might as well take the chance to shop for card protectors for my Nanaca cards as well as postcard sleeves for my Nana postcards. Felt like being unproductive when I got home. So, here goes decorating the room further with Nanaca cards and Nana-chan postcards before going on to solve and code another programming workshop problem, Pascal Triangle. Whoo~ Felt so accomplished when I finally got the program right and running. Probably getting careless already, since I had to debug whenever compilation errors arise after making changes to my functions, such as changing number of parameters. Well, this means “More practice is NECESSARY!!!” Hmm, maybe shall start with minimum 2 problems a day whenever I got the time? Hope I don’t run out of questions soon 😦

To wrap up the day, here’s some Nana-goodness from today.


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