Closure of Another Chapter in Life

Today marks the end of the homestay programme in which we hosted students from Tokyo University at our homes and bring them around Singapore for sightseeing and stuff. It was my 1st such experience. It was physically draining, sleep very late and wake up early. Although I was unable to join these students for most of the activities(typical mugger constantly worrying about studies whenever not mugging, LOL), I still managed to get the opportunity of interact with them. Enjoyed talking to them very much. It was nice to see how closely-knitted a group they are(contrast to a highly-separatist me). Think I pretty much established myself as a Mizuki Nana fan(a.k.a Nanatard) in their impression of me I guess. Well, all things come to an end. Now that they have left, it’s high time to revert to closet mugging(I’d call it 闭关修练). Maybe someday will get to see a few of them again when I visit Japan again in the future?


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Singaporean Software Developer Nana Mizuki fan
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