Recess Week Ending Soon!!!

It really felt like recess week has just started not long ago for me but look, it’s ending in another few days’ time! And I still have yet to start revision proper. With a 3-exams-in-1-Friday coming up next week, can’t help but feel super stressed. On the other hand, quite a number of things happened this week. First of all, I got my AFA ticket for Valvrave Night! This means can hear Nana’s singing live once again, despite being a duo with T.M. Revolution. Secondly, today was my first time officially singing Japanese songs in karaoke And I must say it’s pretty tough, given my cui Japanese language level. Anyway, now that all the events for this week are over, I really should start revision proper at home before it is too late. Can’t help but think of schooling as kinda like the battles in Gundam 00 or the death game in SAO, LOLs. Ok, shall turn in early for the night…


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