Back to School

So, part II of this semester officially begins for me today. While it’s nice to be learning new stuff once again, I still can’t help but feel stressed out over the upcoming exams, despite being just midterm tests, simply because of the competitive nature of exams. Worse still if you have to fight against bell curve to get the grades to maintain double degree programme. Definitely will need a lot of divine intervention for every single test and exam. On the other hand, I’m looking forward to this year’s AFA in Singapore, as well, as the month-long holidays when I can go back to doing what I like. Time for some last minute work for now.


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Singaporean Software Developer Nana Mizuki fan
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One Response to Back to School

  1. Shaun Chew aka Constella-shaun says:

    lols at least there’s 2 more months before sem ends 😀

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