Anime Festival Asia 2013 in Singapore!

Never had such an eventful weekend in a long while. Yesterday(Saturday) got to see Nana at the airport and today is the main highlight of my weekend: Valvrave Night! Watching the Shingeki no Kyojin anime showcase made me wanna watch it, but then I’ll have to shelve it away till exams are over 😦 Next was the Valvrave showcase, during which they aired episode one of Valvrave. Despite having watched it before, I’m still awed by how that Valvrave evaded attacks until it got very close before doing a draw-slash on the enemy, haha. It’s design is totally samurai: 1 long sword + 1 short blade. Wanted to get its Gunpla version but nah, no more space to display at home 😦 And then, it’s Valvrave Night artiste appearance, which Nana appeared on stage(Whee~~). Seriously, any chance to see Nana live is the best bonus you can ever get in life(at least for me). As for exhibitions, there was nothing much left to see since almost all the good stuff were swept away on Friday and Saturday… So I just got 2 katanas as consolation prize for not being able to get Nana’s autographed poster(there will be another day, I believe). And now, to the main highlight of the day: the concert. As I did not listen to any of Angela’s nor Elisa’s non-Valvrave songs, I couldn’t write much about them. But I think they performed very well, with Angela’s Boku Ja Nai and Shangri-la, as well as Elisa’s そばにいるよ and Realism. Elisa was really tall(in fact the tallest out of all Valvrave Night’s artistes). I guess her English still need some improving(she made some embarrassing blunders with her English). I think all of her songs were all so high-pitched(don’t attempt if you can’t, LOL). This year is T.M.Revolution’s 2nd year at AFA Singapore. He really knows how to raise the atmosphere of the entire concert hall, like some veteran… He sang quite a lot of my old favorites. Here’s an incomplete set-list(please do correct me if any of the tracks is wrong):

  1. ???(Never heard this song before)
  2. Flags
  3. Zips
  4. Invoke
  5. Meteor
  6. Vestige
  7. Save the One, Save the All
  8. Naked Arms(Not sure if he sang this)
  9. Sword Summit
  10. Ignited(The song with that Sword Impulse in the OP video!)

As usual, the best is always saved for the last: Nana Mizuki and T.M.Revolution. T.M.R had his fair share of attention during his solo part already, so all my attention was on Nana-chan. I’d say this was better experience than the one I had at Live Circus: can see her face very much clearer without having to look at the screen, and she’s no longer that small size from where I am standing. Although she only appeared for a short 3 songs, everyone’s excitement was at their peak. So here’s the setlist:

  1. Preserved Roses(an epic start)
  2. 革命デュアリズム
  3. Heart of Sword~夜明け前~

And that wraps up my experience at AFASG2013. (As for the random picture I took today, will upload another day. Too tired to upload anything now). Super grateful to Nana Mizuki RGG group for all the special events, especially that opportunity to welcome Nana-san at the airport. With AFA over, 1 more fight stands in my way: finals. Hope I can bring back that momentum to do my revision. The countdown continues…


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2 Responses to Anime Festival Asia 2013 in Singapore!

  1. Shaun Chew aka Constella-shaun says:

    no vitalization/synchrogazer/star road/ bright stream/ame no habakiri/ gekkou no ken. A bit disappointing

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