It’s been too long since I ever posted anything. Haven’t been doing any site maintenance or even anything productive at all since the start of the semester break. Woke up 2 days ago to decently satisfying results(like a Christmas present), followed by visit from relatives in Malaysia. Went out to cycle with my cousins at East Coast Park yesterday before shopping for New Year’s clothes with family. Though the time spent with relatives was quite short, I guess it’s good enough. Any more time and I won’t know what to talk about or do anymore. It shows how much more reactive(rather than proactive) I’ve become in terms of human interactions over the many years. Guess my life’s screwed anyways. This holidays has been a monotonous slacking month and sadly, it’s gonna be over 😦 Some things will change in the coming new year and I must force myself to start planning for SEP soon. Until the next post(hopefully soon, if I’m not lazy :P)…


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Singaporean Software Developer Nana Mizuki fan
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