Hectic Week

The previous week was filled with activities back-to-back. Part of it was due to me being unable to pass IPPT and hence had to sign up for IPT in a bid to pass before school starts. Started off with going to BBQ night of JSS freshmen camp after a long time of staying at home. Felt awkward(not used to) when interacting with people. Next came an OG outing(which was more on catching up with what’s happening). Then came the most important event: buying of tickets for Nana’s upcoming live concert in Singapore! It was war. Due to the system blocking out seats selected by users in a log-in session, the tickets were “sold-out” very quickly that we couldn’t get any tickets from the counter at first(things do happen last minute so we weren’t the first to buy the tickets). In the end, still managed to get one, although not so good seat with help from others(recently received news that can upgrade to a better seat by topping up if the seats are available). It’s better than nothing i guess, since I’m lazy to spend money to travel so far for an outcome that is not 100% guaranteed. The last of it was precamp for Orientation Week. Regretted a little for signing up for the camp because I am not interactive/sociable at all, let alone enthusiastic in camp activities. Well, hope the actual camp goes through smoothly and quickly and then it’s back to fighting for my own academics(something that I have gained dexterity for over the years). For now, PLEASE GIVE ME ALL MY DESIRED MODULES IN MPE!!!. Bidding for modules is so annoying: having to constantly fear that some bastard will bid higher and steal away my module. This is not the end, but rather just a short break, of the hectic schedule. More to come in the later part of this month. I hope I can survive all these, in addition to the deadline for Orbital project which is pressing near…


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