Nana Mizuki Live Flight 2014+ in Singapore

It’s been a very long time since I last wrote anything here… Can’t be helped, every school semester, I have been occupied with clearing projects, assignments, and revision(trying to top the cohort in every module as much as possible). But since I have no lesson today, I shall spend some time posting this long overdue post.

So, for the very first time, Nana-chan holds her very FIRST solo concert in Singapore @ Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore last Saturday, on 27 September 2014! Banzai~ Went down early(not very early compared to other fans) to queue for the goods, but there’s nothing interesting about queueing for merchandises to talk about, so I’ll skip it.

The first impression I got when I entered the concert hall was: damn, those guys in the first row are so lucky, can get to see Nana up close. The good thing was, when the concert started, I could still manage to see her face pretty clearly, in contrast to the free standing ticket I bought at the venue in Japan last year. She started the whole event on a high energy level with Virgin Code(see Nana Mizuki Mini Fanpage for setlist). I think she really thought of her fans as very important to her, given that she took lots of effort to learn English so she could try to do as much MC as she could in English, considering that majority of the people in Singapore are English-speaking. Its really so nice of her, though in the end, I still could not understand much of her speech in Japanese. I have myself to blame for not spending time and $$ to learn Japanese language in anticipation for this “unexpected” event.

The overall experience is very similar to what a fan would experience if this concert was held in Japan: she like to interact with her audience a lot during her performance. She was so full of energy and so bubbly, which are what I like about her. To add on to the excitement, she performed the main song from her yet to debut 30th single, 禁断のレジスタンス, which is the opening song for the upcoming anime, クロスアンジュ 天使と竜の輪舞(please do watch it and support Nana), and also announced that this concert will be recorded into live DVD/BD. Everyone was so happy because we are going to make history.

The main part of the concert ended with ミラクルフライト, the main theme for Live Flight. Everyone surprised her with the flag-waving when she started the chorus of the song. She was really surprised by this(I noticed she paused for that split moment to register what was happening). I’m sure it really touched her, though I was too far away to see if she really cried, like what those in the first row said. I was really glad when there was a double encore.

The concert aside, was grateful for Nana Mizuki SG 連合軍(or NM7 RGG) for all that they had done(they were responsible for the flag surprise!) to make this concert so special that it made news in Japan. Being a small member of the group itself, I could see they really put in much effort and brain juice to make as big an impact in Nana’s memory as possible. Sad thing for me was that being a Computer Science(CS) student, I don’t have the creativity to come up with ideas to contribute, nor could I afford time(other than 1 day in my recess week) to provide help in terms of manpower labour. But still, I would like to thank them for making this event so memorable. To those who felt rewarded at the end of this experience, you deserved it. おめでとう.

This marks the end of another very long post. Really enjoyed myself back there. I look forward to the release of the live DVD for this concert. Will definitely buy it to rewatch. Till the next time I get to see Nana again, I shall go back to increasing my technical mastery as a computing student. Till the next post…


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