End of Another Hectic Semester

With the end of the last and the toughest paper 2 days ago, the semester has ended and it’s the holidays once again. Banzai! This semester was different from the previous 2 in the sense that all the modules I took this semester are Computer Science core modules. It was a semester filled with algorithm problem sets, projects, assignments, deadlines and oral presentations, with all of them almost back-to-back. While I kind of enjoyed the problem sets and programming assignments, oral presentation for the communications module was the least of my favourite as interacting formally with people has not been something I enjoy. Even writing for formal purposes(documentation, progress report) were the same. Despite that, I realized the importance of this module in context of being a software engineer in the working world and kind of regretted not putting in much effort to improve in this area, relying on teammates who are better at this during group work. I felt like I have learnt a lot during this semester, even though some of the modules were difficult. These include better understanding of how the applications working over the Internet work, the various policies implemented by operating systems beneath the user interface, and also more graph-related algorithms and dynamic programming.

Now that the holidays are here, I do have quite a number of self-upgrading that I want to get done. First of all, I want to start learning Ruby on Rails(currently have no idea what application to build nor what kind of applications RoR is used to build). Secondly, to further improve software development through self-practice(currently started working on a desktop application based off that introduced in my Software Engineering exams). Thirdly, I want to become more proficient in solving algorithm problems using C++(which gives much shorter execution time compared to Java). Last but not least, I should start looking for software/programming-related internships(unable to find a suitable one that lasts within a month) to improve my portfolio.

It seems impossible to achieve all of that in just a month, given that I still want some time to enjoy myself with gaming. Probably will have to convert the last goal into applying for summer internships. Nevertheless, I hope I have enough determination and discipline to upgrade my skill set as much as possible during this one month. That’s the end of another long and infrequent post. Thanks for reading up till this point. Till the next post 🙂


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