New Computing Journey with Arch Linux

Ever since I heard of its existence, I briefly Googled up on what it actually is and have since been contemplating whether to migrate over to Arch Linux. There was just 1 big reason for the hesitation: the installation process and the base installation is headless(a.k.a no GUI). As with almost all layman users, this was intimidating since one can only use terminal commands until a desktop environment(GUI) is installed. Having used Linux(Ubuntu) for close to 2 years and acquiring some shallow proficiency with the terminal, I thought it might be time to give it a try now that exams are over. The process started with me reading and trying to understand and familiarize with the installation process(refer to Arch Linux Beginner’s Guide). Trying to understand the process purely by reading wasn’t enough for me. So I decided to dive into hands-on once I understood enough to get me some confidence. Interestingly, installation turned out to be not as hard as I imagined by following the Beginner’s Guide. It may also be that previous experience in installing Ubuntu(the installation media does everything for you) helped in understanding what the steps in the procedure are doing. The whole experience made me understand the whole OS installation process even better. Now that the installation is complete, there are many more things to be explored to make better use of Arch, such as installing packages from Arch User Repository(installing Oracle JDK in my case). P.S.: During and after the process, I messed up my USB drive(with the installation media) a few times, such as device not detected on my Fedora after using dd or parted and such. The whole OS, partitioning and file systems still remain a complex business to me. So if you have a good understanding of what parted and dd do, feel free to share your experiences in the comments.


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