A Rare Less Boring Weekend?

These days, there aren’t many things that I could find to do. More like I am getting lazy in learning the MeteorJS framework which I planned to use for my Web application side project.

Went to the casino at Marina Bay Sands with my mum and a few relatives yesterday. Kind of to “expand my horizon” in terms of how it is like inside. The $100 entry fee for Singaporeans was very painful, at least for me, as someone who have yet to offically earn a decent level of income. Having low affinity with luck, of course I decided not to play, but it feels like just throwing in $100 just to wander around inside(not like I am rich though). To summarise my thoughts about it, every game there is in there I have totally no idea what they are about or how they are played. What I really disliked was the fact that you can smoke inside and I didn’t like the fact that I am breathing in so much second-hand smoke(more likely to die from lung cancer…).

Well, better than not having anything to do and wasting life away at home. Still looking forward to spending weekends more meaningfully, such as sightseeing and such, and especially looking forward to going to Japan for holiday again, be it for Nana’s concert or not.


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