Gunpla Weekend

This is an overdue post from Sunday. Barely had enough free time or just plain lazy I guess, but here goes.

I decided to take part in a Codeforces online contest on Saturday night since it just happened that the contest starts at 9pm, not midnight(the usual timing), just to see how much I can solve in programming contest after going through competitive programming for 3-4 months. Turns out I could only solve the easiest problem in the contest. The rest of the problems either I was not able to understand the problem or I could not come up with a good solution for them. Another factor was the fatigue from IPT training earlier in the day. When I passed the sample test cases for my 2nd problem, I decided to give up and end the day.

Sunday was less monotonous. A friend brought Nana’s Live Circus BD and we watched Nana’s live concert in Singapore(which was held just last year). It was like reliving the concert experience back then.

Later in the day, I decided to drop by Gundam Docks at Ngee Ann City shopping mall. The 6m RX-78-2 and Char’s Zaku were a sight to see. The place was filled with Gundam theme(duh!), with playbacks from Gundam Build Fighters(the first season is better than the second IMO) and opening songs from various Gundam series being played(New series are nice, but the old series are golden as well). I took my time to look at the Gunpla on display. The details were so well painted that they were better than any of the Gunplay I built(I know nothing about painting and detailing). There were also Playstation games featuring new Gundam games such as Extreme VS and Dynasty Warrior Gundam Reborn. It made me tempted to get these games some day(hopefully they are available for PS3). Watching the playback videos of the significant battles from Gundam Build Fighters, I could not resist the temptation to get my hands on the Amazing Exia and Gundam Exia Dark Matter. The design is just too cool, plus I like sword users a lot and the trans-am animation in the anime was so cool(a very lousy reason I know). In the end, I got both(HG version or I will be broke) and snagged up some markers and stands, hoping to do a better job at building Gunplay than the last time.

The new Gunpla should keep me occupied for a week or 2, or maybe at least a few days.

To end off, here’s some pictures taken at the docks.


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