It’s a Packed Saturday. Cool

This was the most tightly packed Saturday that I can recall. Went down to Gundam Docks again to catch the special stage event featuring the voice actors/actresses for Gundam Build Fighters Try, as well as BACK-ON, the band behind almost all of the opening songs for the Gundam Build Fighter series.

During the interview with the seiyuus, a few of the battle scenes were brought up onto the screen. It was nice reminiscing the battle scenes. Personally, I like the scene involving Meijin Kawaguchi the Third. He has the iconic look and air of a pro: something that I hoped to achieve. The climatic battle of the Try Burning Gundam was great but I still prefer the battle between Star Build Strike and Gundam Exia Dark Matter. Probably because Try Burning’s fists were based on Star Build Strike’s Build Knuckle, which took away much originality points away from the Try series.

Next up was BACK-ON’s live performance. They started off with wimp ft. Lil’ Fang(from FAKY), followed by Nibun no Ichi and and Cerulean. For the first song, I liked the chorus a lot as in the OP video for the anime, it depicts the main character struggling in battle, with all weapons shot down. Yet, they still have the RG System(glowing plastic parts re-inforced with particles) and the Build Knuckle. It’s like how they fight on even when they lost almost everything. For the second song, it gives this feel of a young builder starting out his journey to become the best builder. Sadly, for the new series, it didn’t hit me off as well as its predecessor so I shall not say much about it.

Thankfully, the performance started and ended before I had to rush off for IPT because the stage performance was the main reason why I travelled all the way into the town area again. Unfortunately, I could not stay around to shop for more Gunpla or some cute SD versions.

The next highlight was the Internet Problem Solving Contest. This contest gives all sorts of weird problems, instead of just the ICPC style algorithmic problems. The first problem I was asked to do was a problem on chess. This was not a problem involving writing code to play a game of chess(or at least that’s what I think). I guess I was the only one who knows a little about the notations(PGN) used in recording down chess moves(I had to search online for a quick refresher course though). The fun(and tedious part) of this was to download a chess app and play against myself to generate moves that will result in the scenario described in the problem. As this task was done manually(should have Googled harder to find online tool that generates the PGN notation of the moves made), I ended up incurring some time penalty for the team due to typos and ambiguities. It made me interested in chess again(though I was never good at it). The last time I wasinterested in it was back in primary school and when I was watching Code Geass(those who watched it would know how good Lelouch was at chess and consequently, plotting against his royal family members). The next problem I attempted was the easy version of a graph(tree) problem, which was solvable with just some BFS. For the hard part, we didn’t know that the solution is using Segment Tree, though we know using the BFS solution from earlier is too slow. But then, even till now, I still do not know what to be represented with the Segment Tree, nor have I mastered the part on lazy update. Thankfully, we met our target of being in top 200. For me, I am just happy that I contributed to at least 1 full problem AC(the chess game). I wonder when I’ll be able to find time to resume practicing for competitive programming(the preliminary round for ICPC regionals isn’t very far away).

Time to rest up before the weekdays start. It has been another long post but the day was definitely a productive one. By the way, can you spot the pun in this post?


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