RGG Anniversary + Codeforces Contest

Went to RGG’s 3rd anniversary and Live Theater viewing event yesterday. It was good meeting up with others from the group after a long while and I enjoyed the concert viewing as well as the random conversations afterwards. Despite being the main highlight of the day, seems like I don’t have much else to mention about. Looking forward to the next meetup event(need not be anniversary event?).

Went home to take part in Codeforces(Div 2) contest since it starts at 10pm(not midnight) this time. Was quite happy to be able to solve the first 3 problems in an hour, despite starting on my first problem 10 minutes into the contest as I was late for the contest. It got me a ranking which I was quite happy with since I still consider myself quite new to this. I hope I can break out of my default greedy approach to solving problems though, as I think I will not be so lucky next time if all the optimality and data structures like Segment Tree comes in.

This ends my short post on a long day.


About zixian1992

Singaporean Software Developer Nana Mizuki fan
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