A Wasted Weekend

Time really flies, and it’s going to be Monday again… There were a few things which I had wanted to do during this weekend, when I do not have to work, such as brushing up on competitive programming skills, Google around and learn a bit of other web development frameworks, look for anime/drama to watch, or even just watching Nana’s live DVD. In the end, almost the entire weekend went into playing Brave Frontier for its Frontier Hunter event, as well as attempting to clear some special quests(level and cost too low to fit all my 7* units in 😦 ). The time sunk into it is just…

So here I am grieving over the huge loss of my precious time. I hope I can get some redemption soon before I get really busy when school starts again in 3 weeks.

On a side note, congrats to Nana for her debut on Music Station a few days ago (^_^). Looking forward to getting my copy of Exterminate.


About zixian1992

Singaporean Software Developer Nana Mizuki fan
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