End of Internship

Time really flies, and the summer break will be over in a week’s time and 12 weeks of internship finally ended today. This internship experience took away monotony(eat, sleep, waste time, repeat) from my long break and I felt like I have grown a bit at the end of it all. In terms of technical skills, definitely yes(refer to my previous posts). In life, as a person, maybe not much.

Many things happened that made this summer different from the usual holidays: Google Code Jam participation(I was too noob to advance to the next round…), Gundam Docks@SG, participation in Internet Problem Solving Contest(team rank ~200), NM7RGG anniversary, karaoke outing with Nanatards, and lastly getting IPPT Silver again after 2 years. Quite a nice side story if school is the main story for these 4 years.

This journey wasn’t without ups and downs. What got me through the downs were inspirations from rewetting snippets of Gundam Build Fighters(Sei Iori and Meijin Kawaguchi) and playing Brave Frontier(Karl’s Grand Quest). Not gonna elaborate on this, lest it becomes really long-winded. Pretty lame for inspiration source huh? Essentially, I need to have more faith in myself, and the future.

With the next part of school life almost in place, the going seems to be even tougher than the last in the near future: crazy time-consuming module(s) and several extra commitments(ICPC Regionals participation, lab teaching duties). I hope I would not end up being a burden to my upcoming teams because I am too stretched out in terms of time.

On a side note, I finally received my copy of Nana’s latest single, Exterminate!

To wrap things up, here’s some photos taken this week to mark the end of the internship. Many thanks to the company and the team for making the experience wonderful.

Thanks for putting up with such a long post. Till the next time.


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