End of Another Crazy Semester

Every school semester gets even more hectic, this one is no exception. So glad that this one is over. The next semester is forecasted to be more relaxed. I’ll wrap up this post with a brief summary of the modules…

CS3103 Computer Networks Practice: Recommended if you are into network administration(lab) or like dealing with network aspects of whatever application you are developing(projects). If you give enough thoughts, you can link whatever that is taught with what you have observed about the network. End of module test was somewhat disastrous as I did not do any additional readings…

CS3216 Software Development on Evolving Platforms: The most time-consuming module this semester. You do not come here to learn new technical skills but to hone those required technical skills that you should already know. You’ll probably do well if: you can do marketing, have an app idea that can garner popularity during STePS, can design very user-friendly UI. If you spend x hours a week on other stuff, you spend 24-x hours on this module 😦 I just pray hard I can get at least an A- as I realised I am good at none of the things I mentioned.

CS3230 Design and Analysis of Algorithms: Diligence + some aptitude should pay off IMO. Midterms was tough given tight time constraint but I’m glad the bell-curve was left-shifted and I was one of the minority that did not suffer. Finals was just to help the majority who did not do well for midterms so I should be safe 🙂 Computer science students can’t escape from this but interest in algorithms is a big boost in motivation.

CS4211 Formal Methods of Software Engineering: One of my most dangerous/neglected modules this semester. No tutorials/labs, only lectures. If you have never written Process Analysis Toolkit(PAT) code before, most of the CSP content and syntax will leave you confused. I only managed to become better at this through the project. Had to get clarifications from a friend who paid more attention during lectures. Finals was doable after 2 days worth of cramming the whole semester(with confidence boost on PAT after the project).

CS4226 Internet Architecture: First half of the semester covered very mathematical things. While not too hard to understand, the questions involve time-consuming and error-prone calculations(prepare to bleed lots of marks). The later part of the module wasn’t very heavy and are actually manageable after revision.



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