Mid Semester Post

あれ?もうrecess week が終わりました。That makes 7 weeks since the semester started already. Feels like so much has happened during these weeks. Had a low period in which I struggled internally. Maybe I thought/read too much into some things.

Things got better/more eventful in February, with USS outing with NM&RGG, as well as participation in an overseas fan project to celebrate 奈々ちゃん’s upcoming live at Tokyo Dome. I wished I could go but I should have booked flights and accommodation earlier in January even before ticketing balloting news were out for better flight timings and prices. For now, I can only hope for a next time.

Recess week started with interaction with students from 鹿児島大学, as well as following them on their field trip in Singapore. It’s been roughly 2 years since I last interacted with Japanese students. It was tiring, which was made worse by the fact that one of the days coincided with the overseas fan project mentioned earlier, but I definitely enjoyed myself.

As for school, did I forget to mention that I am finally taking a Japanese language module? The most interesting module this semester is database implementation. I got to learn how RDBMS works underneath those SQL queries and basically anything involving Linux, running shell scripts, and anything technical that requires good theoretical CS knowledge are things that I look forward to doing(end end up burning long hours to complete).

Exams and projects aside, I hope to secure an internship in Japan this summer. Really hope to go to places and sightsee in Japan without having to make deliberate holiday plans for it.

This ends another moderately long post. The hard mode that never ends resumes tomorrow. I wish for the strength to survive it. “So as I pray, unlimited blade works.”


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