Brave Frontier Grahdens and Owen Trial

It took me about 2 weeks to finally clear this trial. Have been trying many times when it just came out, looking at forum threads and videos to get the strategy and thresholds. While the guides are VERY important, they are still useless if you do not have the team to implement it. Most involve meta units like Charla and Isterio, which I do not have the fortune of drawing them. Since Omni-Evolution just came out a few days ago, I managed to get Selena to OE form and also got a 7* Owen friend, I decided to give it a try again. The following just describes what happened on my successful run, please READ the guide or watch the video before attempting or you will waste energy just like me.

Team(all not max Imped, max level and SBB unless stated otherwise)

  • Dolk(Leader, Buffer Jewel, Vorpal Chainblades): Mitigator, Atk->Def, negate elemental weakness LS, stat boost LS.
  • Fadahl(Buffer Jewel, Fallacy Orb): Status UBB, Injury and probable Atk down SBB. Use Isterio if you have.
  • Krantz(Existence Jewel, Impiety Orb): Mitigator, Burst heal, Light/Dark element attack.
  • Selena OE level 89(Lexida, Infidelity Orb): Superb HoT and BB per turn. Quite tanky despite the level.
  • Reeze(Reeze’s Armor, Heresy Orb): Cleanse/Negate ailments, Rec->Def SBB, probable Sick/Paralysis BB.
  • Owen 7*(Friend, Occult Treasure, Medblare): 50% all-stat boost LS, Injury BB, all-stat boost SBB.

Items: Only fujins and revives.

Comment on team: This team has a hard time maintaining BBs when against 1 enemy. Problem is even worse in stage 2. Reason for choices, offense-focussed team will get destroyed by Febros and Grahdens in stage 2. Damage too low, cannot prevent fodders from doing UBB. Get as many all-stat boost LS as possible. Have as many stackable Def buff BBs as possible, Owen’s Reeze’s and Dolk’s Def buffs stack. Status infliction(Sick, Injury, Paralysis) is needed to stop major nukes/BB drains. This team’s status infliction rate is not that awesome, so some luck is needed.

Stage 1: Owen

HP > 80%
Do not fujin/revive! This part is piece of cake. Keep up BB spam and Def buffs.

50% < HP < 80% “Duran, come out!”
Tankable. Kill latest right after he goes Overdrive.

30% < HP < 50% “Lilith, come with me!”
Use Reeze’s BB to keep Lilith paralyzed as much as possible. She hits hard, even with Injury and Atk-down. Kill her latest right after she goes Overdrive.

HP < 30% “Reviora… crush them!”
Painful. Since no STBB in the team, had to tank Reviora UBB and Owen’s 15% threshold.

Stage 2: Grahdens(3BB per turn max or get wrecked…)

Turn 2: Use status UBB and Reeze’s BB. Apocalypse Zero only cancellable by status ailments.

60% < HP < 80% “Febros, come along.”
Worst part of the stage. Keep as many Def buffs up as possible. Febros AoE every 2 turns and is painful with Grahdens’ follow-up attacks. Focus on Febros but don’t kill it too quickly. Leave it at around 10-15% HP when pushing Grahdens past 50% HP. Here is where you will end up using most of your revives.

50% < HP < 60% “Reud, I call you here”
Not painful at all. Easily inflicted with various status ailments. Push Grahdens past 50% HP and Febros near death ASAP. Febros killed Dolk here, so had to revive it.

HP < 50% “Your strength… give it to me…”
Grahdens will nuke 2 turns later. Kill Febros in the next 2 turns to prevent this. Spam BB/SBB as long as can kill Febros. If cannot do so, will get AoE, BB drain and permanent LS lock. Use more than 4 BBs to convert into 3-turn LS lock ASAP.

HP < 30% “Give me a hand, Drevas?”
Keep status null up and maintain tempo. No big deal here.

Stage 3: Owen + Grahdens

BB/SBB spam until Grahdens HP < 40%. Focus on Grahdens, keep Owen’s HP above 50%.
Every 4 turns: Make Grahdens Sick or get BB drained(Svate Rauben). Use Reeze BB from turns 2-4 to play safe.
Every 6 turns: Owen has damage reflect. Tankable with Selena’s HoT.
Never use items unless “Owen is in deep meditation”.

Grahdens HP < 70% “Grahdens is deep in concentration”
Do more than 50k damage or get LS locked permanently. BB spam is enough.

Grahdens/Owen HP < 50%
“Ho ho! I never imaged such strength. Very well, no more need to hold back, is there? I’ll unleash my full power. Show me your best move!”
0: “Hey Owen, it’s time for you-know-what!”, “Hmm…very well! Back me up then.”
1: “Spirits who find solitude in darkness”, “O burning spirit, in your body of steel.”
2: “Spirit of steel!”, “Wicked spirits of all creation!”
3. “Take this!”, “Now! Let’s finish this!”
4: “Underworld Wyrm Volzeanos” -> Game Over…
Can use items until the combo is cancelled. OD+Fujin Fadahl, UBB+BB spam, Reeze BB. Aim to deal 50k damage and a status ailment(Paralyse?) in 1-2 turns. Further down it will be hard to cancel the combo after 4 turns. Try to trigger this on the 1st turn of the 4-turn cycle, in case you unfortunately get hit by Svate Rauben and lack the BB gauges. The 1st turn is the best chance to deal enough damage. Subsequently, both will have 80% mitigation. You are safe when Grahdens says “Even more impressive than I thought” and Owen says “Grahdens! What are you doing?!”. From here on, Grahdens HP is most likely below 40%, BB limit is at most half the number of surviving units. If you have 5 units left, use at most 2 BB/SBBs.

Grahdens HP < 40%: Same as 70% threshold.

15% < Grahdens HP < 40%
Build up OD gauge as quickly as possible. Here I have no unit who can boost OD gauge on BB. Grahdens’ HP falls pretty fast here. So if you need more time to build up OD gauge, use fewer BBs but keep Def and Injury buffs up. Normal attacks build up OD gauge quickly. Alternatively, focus on Owen instead but keep his HP high.

Grahdens HP < 15% Overdrive
OD Dolk(3-turn 75% mitigation). Selena’s BB fill buff and BC drops should quickly fill UBB gauge. If Owen is in deep meditation, pop a fujin. UBB in the next 2 turns. Subsequently, kill Grahdens.

15% < Owen HP
Continuing using at most 3 BB/SBBs till the end. Damage gets more painful. Thankfully I was able to alternate between Def buff and Injury debuff. Fadahl almost died here… Make sure OD gauge is full before Owen’s HP goes below 15%. Use more normal attacks if necessary but keep Def and Injury up.

Owen HP < 15% Overdrive
OD Dolk again. Can OD 1 turn earlier if you can measure the 15% mark. Use UBB within 2 turns from here. Survive Whelm Ars Magna and go on to kill Owen.

Items used: 4 fujins, 1 revive

Plan your team properly. It is tough packing tons of utility into 6 units. Hope this helps if you don’t have the ideal units to clear this trial.


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