Holiday Post

It has been more than a month into the holidays and 4 weeks since the start of internship. It has been quite ok, normal experience so far. Nothing down, but nothing that exciting to talk about. The weekly game demos gave me some better idea of the kind of games that are out there. I have also learnt a little bit of new stuff during work: Docker configuration and web sockets. I have also came across a few Web application technology combinations, though some of them I can’t really say whether it is for the better or worse. I just hope to be able to put what I have picked up so far to good use in subsequent work.

Work-related stuff aside, I still feel very empty: waking up and ending work too tired to want to do anything. Somehow, every holiday,I end up isolated from everyone else. It happens too naturally that it is kind of scary… Life becomes a while(1){ work; sleep; } loop. Makes me wonder what kind of future there is for me. It didn’t help that things have been going downhill for me: grades that seemed pretty bad compared to past performances. and bugs that take hours or even days of brute force because I don’t understand how the framework works well enough and such.

While work is pretty much ok, I sure hope life will brighten up soon. Need to know what I can do to turn things around. First things first, catch more zzz so I don’t go around in zombie mode anymore. Hopefully the next post will be of a better mood. Until next time…


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