2nd last end-of-semester post

Again, way too long since anything was posted so this place is presumably dead. Too lazy and also I don’t want to write stuff that are too personal that it invites criticism of me as a person. Nevertheless, another end-of-semester post/rant again. Should have been the last but I chose not to graduate early so it ended up being 2nd last. If I’m too lazy to write the last then this will be the last >.*

I’ll start with modules and why I took them.

CS3219 (software engineering module): I need this to clear my specialization. I didn’t like that there is no absolute correct answer to what principles and stuff to apply for any situation. Plus, good design may sometimes conflict with my preferred goal of squeezing every ounce of performance.

CS4224 Distributed Databases: Clear database specialization. Seems useful to know how database systems work in distributed environment. Project was tough but at least theories could be applied as considerations when designing and using the databases.

CS4234 Optimization Algorithms: Should have been a piece of cake but turns out it wasn’t. Only thing I am proud of is slavaging some marks in finals through pure luck.

MA2214 Combinatorics and Graphs: Clear math and science requirement. Supposed to be easy with CS1231 knowledge but lecturer likes to set questions that need (critical, higher order, whatever you name it) thinking.

LAJ2203 Japanese IV: Breadth module. Nearly failed my placement test to get into this module since Japanese III is not an option due to timetable issues. Interesting with opportunities to interact with Japanese students.

With these, I qualify for graduation but I still have a few interesting modules I want to take so I ended up dragging into a normal 4-year.

Not much time to dabble with my favourite task of server setup and provisioning since projects are mainly focussed on application layer and such setups are implicitly required to figure out by oneself to get environment working. Super low incentive to do it well given time constraints. Towards end of semester, was choking on 3 parallel projects. Not motivated to do revision during reading week and ended up binge watching Gintama. Exams of course became hard.

Took part in buddy programme with Japanese exchange student and went on a few outings with them. It was nice interacting with them even though I still struggled with Japanese when trying to say what I want to say.

Also went for career fair for working in Japan. Totally flopped and there goes my dream of living in Japan. Both companies I interned with gave me job offers though. Spent a long and antagonizing time making hard decision on which offer to accept. Since the companies are Japanese ones, there is still hope of going to Japan for a few years 🙂

Hoping my upcoming Japan trip would be fun. Was planning to chill by myself or with a friend but now that my parents are tagging along, it becomes stressful 😦 Still, I look forward to meeting Japanese friends there.


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