Post Japan Trip Thoughts

It’s been 3 days since coming back from Japan. It wasn’t all perfect but it was definitely nice.

For the most part, it was sightseeing, exploring the nearby streets and places in the way, and shopping. The main highlights were meetups with the Japanese people I got to know through crashing the daytime activities of homestays and also going for Comic Market. It was nice catching up with them since it’s been quite a while since I saw them but hopefully next time there will be more time for other activities.

Also, it was nice soaking myself in the festive season of the New Year. Maybe it’s because I went closer to afternoon but I didn’t have to queue very long for hatsumode at Meiji Shrine, which was said to be very crowded.

Communication with the locals was much better than 3 years ago now that I have taken some Japanese lessons n school, though there is still a big room for improvement in terms of listening skill and vocabulary pool.

The things that were lacking in this trip were snow and a visit to Shirakawa-go(the bus was fully booked).

Even though I went with my parents(they tagged along as they didn’t trust that I could survive alone and in the cold winter season), I felt I didn’t treat them very well. Mainly because we have not much in common anymore(not that I have much in common with most people anyway), and also our conflicting ways of scheduling when it comes to catching flights and trains. Turns out my way would have risked missing flights as the whole procedure took longer than in Singapore due to more walking distance and slower security check queues. It is hard to break the relationship with them ast the neutral zone but I’ll see what happens.

There are still quite a number of things I want to do, like going for Nana’s concert on my own(includes the seemingly hard-for-gaijins process of buying tickets), which are more convenient if I were staying in Japan. I look forward to be able to stay there for work, even if it’s only for a few years.


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