End of School

Finally finished my last exam of university today! No need to stress and mug for exams in a long while. Yay! For an extra semester, this turned out even more pressed for time and stressful, compared to the expected laid-back life of a graduating student. First, as usual, a quick summary of modules.

CS3211 Parallel and Concurrent Programming: Good awareness course to a whole new world of programming parallel solutions. Programming assignments were enriching, being able to orchestrate many processes to work together. C programming is just a love-hate relationship. It is fun but debugging it is just torture. Lastly, it woke me up to the fact that  phones/laptops that boast multi-core processors is only there for marketing purpose since most programs don’t even use the extra cores available… Just praying hard for a good grade for this one.

CS3241 Intro to Computer Graphics: Having no artistic appreciation nor creativity, I only took it because it gives me free Wednesdays. Most of the cool stuff in games and animations are just too hard or too tedious. But at least got to learn something new and understand the workings of graphics rendering.

CS4225 Massive Data Processing Techniques: Probably my main aim here was just for the infrastructure, system, low level aspects of big data processing. Actual big data work involves domain-specific stuff like machine learning, which I am not really keen in. Somehow still managed to survive ok after some struggles.

CS5250 Advanced Operating Systems: One of the main reasons for not graduating earlier. Much more detailed and interesting than the introductory course, even scratching the surface of lower levels like X86 and assembly code, but still cannot stomach all the new and complicated stuff. Thankfully this time there is no final exam or I will have to R.I.P. Doing mallocs and memory copying in programming assignments were fun. The kernel/driver library headers even influenced me to spam function-like macros to make complicated code more understandable from software-engineering perspective. C-programming for the win.

LAJ3203 Business Japanese 1: Wanted to use this to improve my Japanese language further but end up preparing only enough to barely survive lessons and exams due to several CS assignments having close deadlines. Still not used to the very polite forms at all.

I guess I slacked too much in the first half when I the assignment deadlines still felt very far away. In the end is just coding, writing reports and drafts whenever the eyes are open. What a way to finish university life!

Now that everything is over, a bit at a loss as to what to do in this final break before working life starts. For one, I have no clear problem to try to apply what I have newly learnt and solve. At this rate, I will just be lazing at home all day… Hopefully this break won’t be boring.

On another note, today I was told that I didn’t finish my “FYP”. Well, ok I think I am quite fail as a person and in life…


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