Another month has ended and things still uh… sucks for the most part. No emotional motivation to go to work, daily struggle against the inner demons(the 7 sins, for starters) etc..

Tried out finding a reason to be happy(and smile) each day, but it only lasts this long before this nightmare called reality wipes it off the plane of existence.

Seeing someone you care for enjoying herself in the company of other people(without you) makes you feel unneeded. Just who can understand how painful and scary it is when being alone becomes a daily habit that is forced on you by your nature and circumstances.

I also tell myself to accept who I am, and all that has happened, and move on. But what does it mean, and take, to do so?

I have come to peace with who I am. Perhaps one day, you can say the same. – Genji, in Heroes of the Storm

Emo stuffs aside, good things did happen and there were some things I looked forward to, despite the whole flood of reasons to be unhappy about.


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