Start of a Rough Journey Ahead

So today, another person left. Now, there is really no one to guide along this career path here. Will really need to up my level of resourcefulness, and exposure to new best practices in software design and server management. This is tough as I don’t really like to read a lot.

Then, there is this issue of dealing with people. Allow me to rant abit but I am kinda stuck with someone whom I feel does not compare up to me in technical and situational-awareness, too emotionally-attached, naive, busybody, and eager to please people and socialize(effectively getting priorities wrong). Worse, when I try to criticise on how any of these is bad, it gets badly-received. Please, simply being more disillusioned with the world is enough to give me rights to criticize any naivete during work.

Back to the main point of this post, with no one left in the team whom I see as technically superior to me, I really want to establish myself as the true authority in the team even though I am the most junior one in the team(no I am not aiming to be manager of the team at all!), through overcoming various challenges that will come soon, by pure virtue of my own capability. The world needs to stop pulling desire sensor on me from now on already!!! So sick of all the denials I had to face for the past quarter of a century.

Enough of angst, I REALLY need to start showing the world(first within my company) that I am truly godly. For now, good nightz.


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