Somehow, this one turns out different from the usual ones in the past years. While having to go back to office to work at night still kinda wrecks the day, at least the day time was better spent singing away at karaoke.

Things seem to have somewhat turned for the better since my last post, and I hope it is just the beginning. I wonder if it is because I tried hard not to cling onto something or have I really changed?

A small regret was not having properly made a wish when blowing off the candle for birthday cake. Aargh~ 先週先生の誕生日で先生が祈ったのと同じく「結婚できるように」ですが(笑)、健康とキャリヤーも注意しないと。

Praying hard shit don’t happen at work tomorrow: having to work at least half a day on a Sunday is already sian enough =_=


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