Anisong Fantasy Live 2017

Went for Anisong Fantasy Live in Singapore just 2 days ago. The last time I went to such concerts was probably last year(can’t remember when was ASCOT)? Mainly went because of artistes that I know(Kalafina, Elisa) and also to find out what other nice songs there are from other artistes. Quite pricey just for discovery eh?

The show started with video clips of “TV-size” versions of songs from Claris lives. Sadly, I know none of the songs so I can’t comment at all…

Though I knew none of GARNiDELiA’s songs, they happened to be the kind of fast-paced ones that I liked(I have problems with song categorizations). Searching on Youtube only uncovered some of those that were performed during the concert(due to poor memory).

Next, Elisa brought in songs from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun and Kakumeiki Valvrave. Sadly, I only know of the latter. Time to watch more anime…

Alisa, like GARNiDELiA, is totally new to me. Didn’t know she sang for Nanatsu no Taizai, an anime which I gave up watching as I was impatient and went ahead o spoil myself through manga. So I don’t even know the songs for the show 😦 First impression was that of the girl-next-door artiste(in the sense of not too distant)? Anyways, the songs were good for me to go Youtubing around 🙂

The only song I know from Luna Haruna is Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau, which was not in the setlist. Her performance was just totally cute I think.

Perhaps the biggest impact on me in this concert was Aimer’s performance. Somehow, most songs trigger this kanashii feeling, especially Last Stardust, which during the live I could only recognize it as the background song for Shirou vs Archer in anime series Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. Totally loved that scene. Feels like her main genre is ballad or this style of music.

Kalafina seemed to be the main highlight of the live. So glad that I know most of the songs they performed that day 🙂 Was surprised how high-pitched their voice were, especially Keiko, who usually sings the low-pitched parts of the songs(correct me if I am wrong).



  • コネクト
  •  CLICK
  •  ルミナス
  • アネモネ
  • カラフル
  • Clever


  • ambiguous
  • Blazing
  • 約束-Promise code-
  • 極楽浄土


  • ex:tella
  • Real Force

Alisa Takigawa

  • Season
  • 色あせない瞳
  • さよならのゆくえ

Luna Haruna

  • Overfly
  • Startear
  • ???

Alisa Takigawa x Elisa

  • Departures(by EGOIST)

GARNiDELiA x Luna Haruna

  • Innocence(by Aoi Eir)

Alisa Takigawa x Elisa x GARNiDELiA x Luna Haruna

  • ???


  • Brave Shine
  • Last Stardust
  • StarRingChild
  • 茜さす
  • ninelie


  • Magia
  • One light
  • 君の銀の庭
  • Ring your bell
  • Sprinter

Aimer x Kalafina

  • Believe(by Kalafina)
  • あなたに出会わなければ(by Aimer)

Without the special collabo, each artiste’s show actually felt super short, with only 3 to 4 songs on average. On the whole, I had a good takeaway from this concert. Until the next time I go for another concert. Btw, if you want to help me correct the setlist, feel free to put it in comments. Thanks.


Brave Frontier Lucius Trial

Finally got Lucius after round 5 tries. Read the guide for thresholds and watched a video or 2 to see how to clear but couldn’t get my teams to work so I decided to post about how I managed to clear it. Note: This is NOT a full guide! Google it.

Squad 1

  • Dolk (lead) for stat boosting LS, block elemental weakness(have a few Dark units here), and mitigator
  • Ivris for healing and status cleanse(if needed)
  • Kikuri for BB on hit buff(reserved Diana for next squad)
  • Zenia as main attacker due to high damage output
  • Tridon for shielding much of Endless’ damage
  • Haile (friend) for maintaining the BB gauges

Squad 2

  • Raaga (lead) for Spark damage boost, fill BB on Spark, and has high hit count to help break Form 2’s mitigation
  • Diana for BB on hit buff
  • Alyut for HoT and BB fill per turn buff
  • Krantz (highest max HP) for mitigation, healing and offense
  • Elimo (lowest max HP)  equipped with Sacred Crystal (clear all Raids from RC1 to RC5) as main healer and mitigator
  • Gazia (friend) for stat boosting LS, 10% mitigation LS and as mitigator

Lucius Form 1

Squad 1’s main job is to kill Lucius’ 1st form as it will be wiped out when 2nd form starts anyway. I put my favourite nuker Zenia here as it is good to nuke as quickly as possible from 25% HP onwards. With this team build, Haile is very much needed to at least keep Dolk’s and Ivris’ BBs up every turn. Have Tridon cast shield whenever possible. With mitigation and shield up every turn, Endless is nothing. Once past 50% HP threshold, start building up Zenia’s UBB gauge and unleash everything when Lucius prepares for Glorious(triggered at 40% HP). Everything else, follow the online guides.

Lucius Form 2

Squad 2 is where the main action is. To ensure mitigation almost every turn, I used 3 mitigators. Use spheres/BB that boost BB gauge each turn and/or on hit to survive attacks during Oblio(read the guide). Hence the choice of Diana, Alyut and Raaga lead. HoT unit like Alyut helps fight DoT effect from Refrain. Equipping Elimo with Sacred Crystal ensures mitigation almost every turn.

The guide for this part is very simple but any miscalculation of turn and/or threshold is enough to destroy any chance of winning. Every 5th turn, guard Krantz(highest HP most of the time) and Elimo(lowest HP most of the time), saving Gazia’s BB for such turns. However, there was an unfortunate case when I really needed healing so I gambled on chances and used Elimo for healing. Luckily, Lost Soul hit Krantz so she didn’t die 🙂 Essentially, only attack when a mitigator is up, guard all otherwise(Elimo will get to BB in 1-2 turns’ time). Also, have Diana’s and Alyut’s BB up the whole time.

The hard part here is triggering 70% and 40% HP thresholds using 1 unit. 70% was not that hard to measure but 40% took a few turns and 1 Oblio to push through. Oblio wasn’t too hard to get rid of, probably due to Raaga’s and Gazia’s high hit count. Damage dealt by this squad is not very high but at least the tempo was consistent, using only 1 revive and 1 fujin. Once past 40% HP, maintain the tempo and eventually got to the final form.

Lucius Form 3

For final form, just use Gazia’s UBB whenever OD gauge is full while using Elimo and Krantz to mitigate at other times. It helped me tank 4 Lost Souls (no buff removal effect here) in 1 turn. Also, Gazia’s UBB is powerful enough to help burst down Lucius’ HP, as high damage is needed to break Sacred Song revival cycle. Just make sure to mitigate every turn.


For every trial, always follow the guides and pick the best units that you currently have to fit into the specified roles. The problems I had were that my units have much lower stats(~3k Def and ~10k HP) compared to those units used in Youtube videos and also using my squads incorrectly in various situations. Without many meta units, it takes me a few days of planning(and losing) before I can clear any trial…

Gunpla Weekend

This is an overdue post from Sunday. Barely had enough free time or just plain lazy I guess, but here goes.

I decided to take part in a Codeforces online contest on Saturday night since it just happened that the contest starts at 9pm, not midnight(the usual timing), just to see how much I can solve in programming contest after going through competitive programming for 3-4 months. Turns out I could only solve the easiest problem in the contest. The rest of the problems either I was not able to understand the problem or I could not come up with a good solution for them. Another factor was the fatigue from IPT training earlier in the day. When I passed the sample test cases for my 2nd problem, I decided to give up and end the day.

Sunday was less monotonous. A friend brought Nana’s Live Circus BD and we watched Nana’s live concert in Singapore(which was held just last year). It was like reliving the concert experience back then.

Later in the day, I decided to drop by Gundam Docks at Ngee Ann City shopping mall. The 6m RX-78-2 and Char’s Zaku were a sight to see. The place was filled with Gundam theme(duh!), with playbacks from Gundam Build Fighters(the first season is better than the second IMO) and opening songs from various Gundam series being played(New series are nice, but the old series are golden as well). I took my time to look at the Gunpla on display. The details were so well painted that they were better than any of the Gunplay I built(I know nothing about painting and detailing). There were also Playstation games featuring new Gundam games such as Extreme VS and Dynasty Warrior Gundam Reborn. It made me tempted to get these games some day(hopefully they are available for PS3). Watching the playback videos of the significant battles from Gundam Build Fighters, I could not resist the temptation to get my hands on the Amazing Exia and Gundam Exia Dark Matter. The design is just too cool, plus I like sword users a lot and the trans-am animation in the anime was so cool(a very lousy reason I know). In the end, I got both(HG version or I will be broke) and snagged up some markers and stands, hoping to do a better job at building Gunplay than the last time.

The new Gunpla should keep me occupied for a week or 2, or maybe at least a few days.

To end off, here’s some pictures taken at the docks.

New Computing Journey with Arch Linux

Ever since I heard of its existence, I briefly Googled up on what it actually is and have since been contemplating whether to migrate over to Arch Linux. There was just 1 big reason for the hesitation: the installation process and the base installation is headless(a.k.a no GUI). As with almost all layman users, this was intimidating since one can only use terminal commands until a desktop environment(GUI) is installed. Having used Linux(Ubuntu) for close to 2 years and acquiring some shallow proficiency with the terminal, I thought it might be time to give it a try now that exams are over. The process started with me reading and trying to understand and familiarize with the installation process(refer to Arch Linux Beginner’s Guide). Trying to understand the process purely by reading wasn’t enough for me. So I decided to dive into hands-on once I understood enough to get me some confidence. Interestingly, installation turned out to be not as hard as I imagined by following the Beginner’s Guide. It may also be that previous experience in installing Ubuntu(the installation media does everything for you) helped in understanding what the steps in the procedure are doing. The whole experience made me understand the whole OS installation process even better. Now that the installation is complete, there are many more things to be explored to make better use of Arch, such as installing packages from Arch User Repository(installing Oracle JDK in my case). P.S.: During and after the process, I messed up my USB drive(with the installation media) a few times, such as device not detected on my Fedora after using dd or parted and such. The whole OS, partitioning and file systems still remain a complex business to me. So if you have a good understanding of what parted and dd do, feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

Gunpla Exhibition @ West Mall

So happy to see Gunpla exhibition while working at West Mall today! So long never see Gundams already. See all those nicely posed Gundam models on display. So cool. Can’t help but want to take pictures of them. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera today. Finally bought AGE-2 Dark Hound(HG 1/144) which I have always wanted to get months ago. Quite heartpain to spend money away like that, but I hope it’s worth it. Considering if I should also get the Perfect Strike Gundam(HG 1/144) or not…

HG Age-2DH